Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This week for breakfast

You may recall that I received an ebelskiver pan for my birthday last month.  Well, I took it for a spin for the first time recently and Matt and I loved the results!  I searched my favorite recipe go-to source and decided to try out these jalapeño cheddar cornbread ebelskivers, minus the jalapeños since Matt and I are wimps when it comes to heat.  
The batter was super easy to make and I only overfilled the wells of the pan on the first three batches rather than all five.  I'm notorious for making all baked goods larger than the recipe intends and these mini filled pancakes were no exception.  Their swelling sides made it quite difficult to turn the little buggers, but by the end of the cooking session I was a pro flipper.  
Ebelskivers will be on my weekend breakfast rotation along with Belgian waffles and German pancakes.  Our breakfasts are looking very European and I like it!  Next up?  Cinnamon bun or blackberry jam ebelskivers, both from Williams-Sonoma.  Maybe I'll even try to devise my own Nutella filled treat!  Any suggestions?

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  1. oh my those look fun! i've never heard of them but might just get me a pan!


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