Wednesday, June 23, 2010

this is me

I saw this photo over at peonies and polaroids and smirked because this is how I've been wearing my pants for the past few months.  A number of people have pointed out my unzipped fly so I guess that means I need to invest in longer shirts.  Or perhaps maternity pants.  So far I've been getting by with an elastic or occasionally a BeBand.  I'm holding out as long as possible because, hey, I don't think I need to look too put together when I'm scooping lemonade out of the side of a Del's truck all summer long.  Maybe I'll have purchased some appropriately sized clothing by the time schools rolls back around.  Maybe, but I don't want to think about that quite yet.  


  1. Ha! When does "work" start, do you know yet?

  2. DO IT - YOU'LL LOVE IT! :) go to Target, and buy Liz Lange maternity pants..and shirts..and'll fall in love with her. Softest most comfortable clothing I've ever worn. I actually emailed her and thanked her for loving pregnant women so much. lol

  3. Ha Tara! I did the same thing. Didn't want to buy maternity clothes. But I was up and down on the floor with the baby I watch and it just wasn't comfortable anymore. I broke down and bought some. Best decision ever. You can totally get away with non-maternity tops, but it is definitely worth it to get pants/shorts/capris. Of course, I'm wearing non-maternity capris while I type this, but they are yoga capris, so they are still comfy!

  4. I got all of my maternity clothes in a lot on ebay for about $100. Best investment ever, and they arrived just about the day that the ol' elastic/unzipped fly was starting to reallly not work anymore. :)


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