Monday, June 21, 2010

Room for Children

Has anyone seen this book in real life?  I would love to get my hands on a copy but not a single library in Rhode Island carries it.  I read that Jenna Lyons's son Becket's nursery is featured and I loved those famous yellow and white stripes when I first saw them in Domino.  Right now nurseries are my favorite part of baby anticipation.  We started getting "the purple room" ready for Baby Celeste's arrival by priming it over the weekend.  We're painting it grey but beyond that I don't have too many ideas for the nursery.  My favorite inspiration photos can be found at ohdeedoh, spearmint baby, and Baby Space.  Any nursery must-have items that you would recommend, readers?  


  1. I saw this and thought of you. Maybe cause of the giraffe :)

    and this one,

    AND this one!

    k, have a nice day!


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