Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peonies are my second favorite flower (ranunculus are my first in case anyone was wondering... ha) and this photo of a gigantic pile of them made me swoon!  I found it on the facebook page of my summer employer, Stoneblossom, and just had to share.  I wish I had been in the studio with these babies... I can never resist reaching out and touching the petals.  What kind of flowers do you have in your garden?      


  1. Maybe they're your second fav 'cuz you grew up with them in your front yard... ranunculus on the other hand, who knows :-). Of course, you LOVED the tulips, too, and always wanted to pick them and I wouldn't let you! Mean mom. Ha!

  2. They are beautiful, Tara! Mine were ruined by the rain..... The season for Peonies is waaayyy to short, wouldn't you agree!


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