Thursday, June 3, 2010


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It's official - we're having a boy!  Even though I haven't agreed to the name Raphael at least Matt can legitimately use it for a few more months.  I'll be scouring name berry and The Baby Name Wizard, especially the Name Voyager and the Name Mapper for ideas over the next couple of months.  Regardless of what we decide to name the little guy, we simply can't wait to meet him!  

In the meantime, I've decided to give away a pair of beanbags that I sewed up a couple of months ago in honor of our little boy.  They're made out of a cute Robert Allen fabric, blue with green grasshoppers!  They're the perfect gift for your favorite toddler or young child, although I must admit they will be difficult to part with because I love them so much.  Just leave a comment telling me a fun fact about boys, your favorite boy name, or anything else baby boy-related!  I'll choose a winner next week.  Good luck!


  1. Boys...they are so special, especially when they are grown and make you proud:) To see all that you taught them come to fruision (is that how you spell that word?? something tells me NOT)...anyways, Thomas would be my fave of course but if we had another boy it would have been Matthew, both good ol' Bible names.
    Congrats and oh one more thing, the best book to read is On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo. Becky used it like her Bible when having her kids. Each time another baby came she still read it and referred to it MANY times.

  2. Considering I have no personal experience on having a baby boy, I don't have much advice to give. However all babies, boys and girls, are the most precious gift in the world.

    And even better- maybe someday in the WAAAAY distant future, your little boy will marry my little girl :) haha.

  3. I'm 28 weeks with a second little girl for our family, but my SIL is having a boy in 6 weeks. Both of my pregnancies I have been thoroughly convinced I was having boys.... so much so that it took me a while to realise I'd given birth to a girl the first time round! This little one currently on the inside was going to be "Gideon" if she were a boy. (Well, in my mind anyway!)

  4. I have three sons!!
    My favourite boy name? easy - it's Rory


  5. Whatever! I'm just happy as can be and can't wait to hold the little darling! Love him already, especially after viewing the new sono pics! And LOVE those beanbags - adorable. XOXO

  6. My favorite thing about boys is how they love their moms. Example--1 morning I stumble out of bed, no makeup, hair everywhere, bathrobe. Josh (around 5) says, Mommy, I love you because you look just like a princess. Boys are awesome!!

  7. Matt Welesko says boys rule cause you can buy them power tools. I hope I win this time

  8. My favorite boys names are Anderson (family name) and Logan. But, uh, taken and taken. :(

    I love mischievous little boys the best!

    And I agree, they do love their mamas.

    AND, I think it's great to have a boy first, because all the rest of your kids will have a big brother! (Though I'm quite in love with my little girlie!)

  9. Oh boys. I have a little guy who's 18 months old and recently spent 45 very happy minutes on the water in a canoe. After he got out he spent another 10 minutes begging to get back in, pointing, and saying "boat boat boat." The best part? His middle name is Hudson - after the river, which his dad and I have spent many hours boating on. Score one for we parents on naming that kid well!

  10. It totally doesn't go with my last name, but I love the boy's name, Jude.

  11. if i had to pick a boy name i would pick raphael. second, (or maybe tied with first) i would pick jet.

    boys rule because they ride motorcycles, use power tools, and think it's fun to chop wood.

    if i win the bean bags i will donate them to that anonymous poster who also referred to power tools.

  12. Oh man, I think "Blueflash" and the Anonymous poster really want to win..

    However, so do I. :) My favorite boy name is Deebz. I just think it would be works for both boy and girl.. I have a feeling that not many people would agree, therefore, other names I love are Connor, Clayton, and Max.

  13. Oh my! boy oh boy! boys can be a handful.
    but I love my boy--he's so fun and funny!
    His name is Callum which I love!
    I'm now pregnant with baby #3 and we're not sure what we're having but if it is a boy we are torn on Ross, Reid or Dennis....
    I love the name Holden but hubby's not so sure.


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