Monday, June 28, 2010

gallery at home

From the time I was twelve years old until I was mid-way through my senior year of high school I papered my walls with magazine pages -" target="_blank">Ralph Lauren models for the fragrance Romance, photos of me and my friends," target="_blank">Paul Walker's mugads for the Toyota Echo," target="_blank">Hanson concert ticket stubs - I had everything up there.  All four walls, floor to ceiling, even my closet doors, inside and out - covered.  I went on a missions trip for a month and in the time that I was away my parents redesigned my room as a gift, scraping off every last bit of sticky tape residue that they had previously vowed never to remove for me.  I was in love with my new room (fresh blue paint, recovered furniture, brand new custom bedding) but I admitted that I missed my wall covering collection.  When I saw this photo mosaic wall over at paislee press (via Creature Comforts) I instantly knew I had to create something similar for our home.
I'm thinking some wedding photos, favorite vacation images, and soon some pictures of the little baby to come.  What's your favorite way to display photos at home? 


  1. love this pinboard wall!!
    i definitely have to do something like this myself - just LOVE it!
    thanks for posting this :)

  2. Wow, looks amazing, very inspiring!

    You should pop over and check out the giveaway I am running at the moment-


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