Monday, June 14, 2010

belly & birth & baby

Since my husband has become a photographer (in addition to being an electrical engineer) I've become more interested in the worth of photo documentation.  With Baby Boy Celeste (yes, I deliberately did not call him Raphael because contrary to popular belief it is not his name) on the way in a few months I'm hoping to have some photos taken both by Matt and by others, including our friend Karissa.
First, there are the belly photos...
(image via oh happy day)
(image via KLM Photography)
Then, the birth...  That's right, I said it, the birth.  I've recently seen some beautiful labor photos and I'm excited to capture what I'm sure will be some crazy expressions from all involved!  My friend Kate recently delivered her baby girl, Reilly Belle, at a hospital in Pennsylvania and they actually have a rule, all cameras off from 10 centimeters to birth, which I think is hilarious... who is that rule for?  The mother, so she isn't horrified later at the blood and gore?  The doctor, so he or she doesn't have to worry about an over-eager father focusing his lens on the baby's crowning head?  Either way, I have to check with the Alternative Birthing Center at Women & Infants to make sure Karissa and her camera are welcome.  
(images via oh happy day)
(images via Design Mom)
And finally, the baby everyone's been waiting for...
(image via KLM Photography)
(image via revert photo)
(image via Amy Ro Photography)
(images via Design Mom)
I know, I went a little crazy with the baby photos, but aren't the colors in those last four amazing?!  Gabby hired Wendy from Blue Lily to take newborn photos of her daughter (and sixth child!), Flora June.  I love them and want some just like them of our little baby when he's brand new.  Now we just have to wait for him to arrive!  


  1. Captured by Carrie is another interesting baby photo site. She likes to hang babies from branches. There are maternity shots too, but most of them are covered up nudes. My maternity shots are this Friday, but I will be clothed! I'm excited!

    I can't even imagine when I can unleash my camera on my new baby. I'm going to need a new server for all the pictures!

  2. Oh, and I know that for the regular hospital, still cameras are allowed at any point, but there's a cutoff for video cameras.

    Not sure if the rules are relaxed for the ABC, but you are good for the still shots!

  3. oh! another thing we have in common (besides the babies due in Oct.): electrical engineer/photographer husbands!

    cute baby photos. we're looking forward to baby photo shoots, too!


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