Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what's on your walls?

(image via apartment therapy)
Yesterday I learned that Amy Butler has designed a wallpaper collection (thanks, apartment therapy) that will be debuting later this month with Graham & Brown... good news for someone who has been considering the merits of wallpaper lately.  
We don't have any in our house but I think it's a simple way to add some interest to an otherwise boring wall.  This Lofty Larks wallpaper from anthropologie is so fresh looking and whimsical.   
This Frame wallpaper from Graham & Brown would be a great choice for a kids's bedroom or playroom.  You could watch your child's artistic abilities emerge over the years!
I spotted this cool recycled newspaper wallpaper by Lori Weitzner at apartment therapy last week.  Cool, but I think it might be a little overstimulating.  It might be best used on a feature wall or in a small space to minimize the extreme visual sensory experience.  
Always Mod sells pretty Marimekko papers (as well as nearly everything else by the famed Finnish design house).  My favorites are the Unikko flowers in red, but the beige are pretty, too.  
I also love Julia Rothman's designs for Hygge & West, especially Daydream in gray and mica.  I actually kind of hate birds in real life (there is a flock of wild guineafowl that lives in our neighborhood.  You would hate birds if you lived here, too.) but in prints or photos they look very calm and serene. Matt and I know better.  Moving on... what do you think?  Any favorite wallpapers or other ways to spice up bland living space? 

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  1. Tara, at one time I had every room in my house wallpapered! I loved it, it was very homey and country. But when I decided to try paint, getting the wallpaper and the glue remnants off was a lot of work. My husband said he would do the painting but the removing of the wallpaper and glue was my job. What a project that was!! I swore I would never use wallpaper again! But these papers are pretty! When it comes to decorating, never say never!!!


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