Thursday, May 27, 2010

too hot

(image via etsy seller Lazy Bones Photography)
It was too hot to blog last night so I don't have a post for today.  My apologies, but I was too busy sweating while doing nothing but laying down upside down on our bed so I could reap maximum benefits from what little breeze there was.  I may be back tomorrow, but I may not... we're going away this weekend and our plans are very last minute.  We're celebrating my birthday and our two year anniversary, both the last we will celebrate sans children.  At the very least, you'll hear from me again on Tuesday.  Any Cape Cod recommendations?


  1. Brett and I went to Hyannis and had the BEST time! We just went and walked up and down the main street there, went to shops and museums, and a beach as well. We kind of just got a map, and drove around spontaneously, so I don't remember names of places - but the whole town was so great!

  2. I recieved my cards the other day they are so pretty. Thank you so much I almost don't want to send them to anyone but I will. Thanks again.


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