Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Studio Hop

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jaclyn and I visited some shops on the east side of Providence.  One of our favorites was Studio Hop at 810 Hope Street - it was filled with birds!  Not real birds, of course, but birds painted on things and hanging from the ceiling and hiding in little birdhouses.  I took home this adorable little cup which now houses a spool of thread in my sewing room.  It's not the most practical storage container but form is more important to me that function.  What kinds of containers do you use for storage?      


  1. Cute! It looked in the first picture like it was maybe a trash can. I'm sure you could recreate it on a trash can if you found a ceramic or wooden one!

  2. It's adorable! Reminds me of that blog I told you to check out - she had her fabric scraps in some vintage bowls.


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