Monday, May 3, 2010

a ranunculus farm?!

Ranunculus are my most favorite flowers, but I only discovered them a couple of years ago after seeing them in a J.Crew catalog.  If you look closely, you can see a few peeking out of my bouquet above.  Stoneblossom said I was lucky... the weekend of our wedding was the last time that season that ranunculus were available at the flower market!  Well, I'm jealous of Holly over at decor8 because she recently had the opportunity to visit a ranunculus farm!
(image via The Flower Fields)
Here are a few more pretty images for you to feast your eyes on...
(image via High Rise Hostess)
(image via FL.C)
(image via trip advisor)
Last year Matt bought me a gorgeous bouquet from a local florist for no reason at all.  I wonder if I can look forward to a similar gift some time this season...

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  1. A Ranunculus farm - that is amazing! They are such fun flowers!


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