Thursday, May 13, 2010


I promise all posts from here on will not be about babies, but last night I saw this movie and it got me even more excited for our little one's arrival in October!  It was laugh out loud funny - a baby being surrounded by cattle, stepping on a goat's head as it learns to walk, gnawing on an unidentified animal bone...  The entire theater was laughing, so get yourself a copy of the DVD and check out Ponijao (my personal favorite), Mari, Bayar, and Hattie.  


  1. never heard of this. looks cute ;) congrats. again. cant wait to see you this weekend!

  2. great movie! I think Bayar was my favorite with Ponijao in a close second.
    seriously cute babies

  3. i want to see this movie so badly! and you posted this on the day my baby was born - which i just think is so fun! :) you should be SO SO excited for your little one - i'm having the absolute time of my life!


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