Friday, April 9, 2010

Dan Mills

Have you ever listened to the music of Dan Mills?  If you haven't you should start.  Dan has been a friend of Matt's since they were in middle school and then in That Falcon Band together at Cranston High School West.  They and five other friends formed a ska band that friends and I used to follow around Providence where they played at local venues like Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel and AS220.  Well now Dan is living in New York City but he's back in Rhode Island for the weekend and playing a show on Saturday at RiRa, an Irish pub in Providence.  (I hear they have pretty good eats and I'm looking forward to sampling something made out of potatoes.  Perhaps their Irish Potato Cakes with savory sour cream and balsamic reduction?  Question: Has anything bad ever been made with sour cream?  Answer: I think not.)  Check Dan out on myspaceYou Tube, and don't miss his cover of You Can Call Me Al which was featured by New York Magazine here.  It's amazing!  One of my favorite originals is Those Clothes.  Check it out... you can support Dan and his music at the iTunes store - buy his albums, Different Colored Walls and Fiction in Photographs (or download it for free on his site here).  Maybe we'll see you at the show!

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