Monday, April 12, 2010

Dan at RiRa

Dan's show on Saturday was amazing!  He played a great mix of music from his first and second CDs as well as some new stuff, with some of the Beatles thrown in for good measure.  Oh, and then there was a mid-set a capella version of Happy Birthday for his sister!  I was glad to be back in time for Dan to take the stage.  Where did I have to go, you ask?  I neglected to bring my bag and was lacking an ID so my friend Ed kindly drove me back home to retrieve it.  (It's not the first time Matt and I have gone out only to realize I don't have my license upon arrival... last time we were in Jamestown - eek!)  Anyway, we got back to RiRa in plenty of time to hear Dan begin the set.  However, I didn't sample anything at the restaurant... I was too full after a dinner of panini and yummy apple tartine for dessert with Matt, Ed & Laura, and Elsa.  Check out more pictures from the show by blueflash on facebook here.

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