Wednesday, March 31, 2010

leftover Halloween candy cookies

Before you get grossed out because Halloween was 5 months ago, let me say I bought candy specifically so I could make these cookies.  I've had the Reese's in the cupboard for a couple of weeks and with all the rain I decided it was a perfect afternoon for baking and got right to work.  As I sat down to read the recipe again it occurred to me that maybe I should just take a second to check the basement for flooding since we're having record rainfall in Rhode Island.  Well, I was met with 3 inches of water at the bottom of the stairs, but I just turned around and marched back up because I wasn't going to start doing anything until Matt got home.  He arrived within an hour and we started carrying buckets outside while the cookies baked.  During one trip into our (hopefully) temporary pond my camera slid out of the pocket of my hoodie and landed in the drink!  Matt quickly rescued it but I think it's curtains for the ol' Panasonic.  I had no time to mourn because I was handed a 10 gallon bucket and had no choice but to trudge back up the stairs and outside into the torrential downpour.  We made many more trips up and down the stairs, but soon my cookie timer went off and I got to take a break from water removal duty.  I was quite pleased with they way the cookies turned out - funny looking but delicious.  However, I think the recipe's author and I have very different ideas about the size of walnuts.  Does anyone know any other good recipes that require peanut butter cups?    

Update: We retrieved Matt's camera from his parents' house so I've added my own photos.  Thanks to Julie for letting me borrow her photo temporarily.  However, there's still no finished cookie photos since my camera was kaput before they were out of the oven.  Also, here is a video taken at the Warwick Mall which is less than 2 miles from our house and home to my favorite Target. 

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